Jessica’s Party

MP3 FORMAT – 36 MIN LONG – SUBLIMINALS- INSTANT DOWNLOAD LINK INCLUDED – Jessicaaaa! Sinker… Sinker… So many triggers… I have implanted so many triggers. In your sexy little mind. Oh yes! You look up at Me and smile! You look up, at your sweet Mistress Dominica… mind all empty… pussy so wet and dripping… nipples so hard and aching. Every noise… every little noise… you get so horny, so helpless. Such a mindless, little bimbo. Dominica’s mindless little bimbo! Mmmm… And Dominica likes to go to parties… yes, She does! Nod your head, little girl. That’s right, you do EVERYTHING that your Mistress Dominica commands… because nobody else has ever brought you this deep, made you this pretty, stroked your full, round breasts in quite this way. You know how much I love to dress you… in pretty, shiny panty hose… in frilly, lacy panties… Now I have a new costume for you — one made of slick, slippery, shiny, black rubber! Yes, I’m going to take My little rubber girl to a party… on the end of My leash! I’m going to show you off! And maybe… just maybe… if you’re very good, and very obedient… maybe I have a special little adventure for you, My little rubber girl!

Jessica's PartyLength: 36 minutes
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